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Pendry Manhattan West
– New York

Immersive light.

Light that comes from everywhere, yet seemingly from nowhere.

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Private Residence
– New York

Linear light for everywhere.

Showers, saunas, spas, and more.

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Cove Lighting
— Commercial, Residential, & Everywhere.

CELESTE™ Flexible Linear Lighting
Modern cove lighting in a smaller, more efficient form.

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Thaden School
Reels Building

CELESTE™ Encapsulated
American-made linear LED lighting for every application. Credit - TM Light and Marlon Blackwell Architects

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Verōnika @ Fotografiska New York
L’Observatoire International

@ Fotografiska
New York

CELESTE™ Dim-to-Warm
Dynamic linear LED lighting for immersive environments.

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Flexible Linear Lighting

linear LED lighting for every application.

True Single MacAdams Ellipse LED binning for reliably beautiful lighting.
Seamless linkability, UV resistance, and UL676 listing for wet locations including saunas.

We are the gold standard for linear lighting for specification: built for architects, lighting designers and interior designers.

We design, engineer and manufacture our own lighting, made here in Reno, Nevada. Maximum visual impact, easy to specify.

Lighting is fundamental.
Lucetta brings to life the places 
we live, work, and play.

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