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The CELESTE® Light Engine

Felice 56, New York

True Single MacAdams Ellipse LED binning.

LEDs are not all created equal. Just as project designs are not all the same, LEDs themselves – the building blocks of modern light – vary enormously in quality.

The proprietary, phosphor mix atop our LEDs creates light quality within precise tolerances for total visual consistency between LEDs, along runs of linear light, and from project to project. Never worry about color matching and color consistency again – and watch your architectural details and finishes come to life under a new light.

12 years

12 years of performance. Our long warranty reflects not only confidence in our products, but the high level of performance that they will maintain over their lifespan. No color shift, no visual inconsistencies.

98+ CRI

Outstanding CRI is just the beginning. Gamut, fidelity, and RF skin are the new measures of color quality.

Project Management
Start to finish and over time, we work hand in hand with specifiers, distributors, and owners to deliver whatever design you can imagine.

What makes color quality?

Outdated marketing jargon like “single binning” and “micro binned” is commonplace. Single MacAdams Ellipse (1SDCM) binning is the objective measure of light quality, and ultimately, a strong measure of the accuracy and quality of a light source.

The MacAdams ellipse is a system of color measurement that measures how much color variation exists around the black body curve before the human eye detects a color shift. A series of ellipses can then be drawn around any specific color, and the closer any given light is to the specific color, the less deviation will be experienced when these lights are positioned next to one another.

Color Quality White Paper

Ship it
Making it is one thing – but shipping accurately and on time is just as important

We produce remarkable LED lighting products.

We are the gold standard for linear lighting for specification: built for architects, lighting designers and interior designers.
We design, engineer and manufacture our own lighting, made here in Reno, Nevada.