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Understanding Product Codes

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We offer several different formats for budgeting and quoting projects. Here are three of our most popular, explained.

Basic Product Code: Tape Light

The Product Code builders (SKU builders) shown on our product specification sheets allow for selection of basic attributes of the light including:

  • product
  • channel type, color, and lens
  • mounting
  • driver style / dimming style
  • delivery options

Entering “length” is optional and can be expressed as inches, feet, or metric. It can be left blank and/or accompanied by a table of run lengths.

[Diode LED] - [Voltage] - [Product] - [CCT] - [Length] - [Channel Profile] - [Lens] - [Channel Color] - [Mounting Option] - [Driver Type] - [Assembly Option]

Configured Product Code: Tape Light

Complete product codes, also known as Configured SKUs, contain more information than the Product Code builders (SKU builders) shown on our product specification sheets.

They include detailed information about wire input and output options, colors, mounting details, and non-standard features that are not typically shown.


[Diode LED] - [Voltage] - [Product] - [CCT] - [Length] - [Channel Profile] - [Lens] - [Mounting Option] - Wire Entry and Wire Exit codes]


  • In configured SKUs, the SKU represents a single piece of light. A quote may consist of many SKUs that represent many individual lengths.
    • Here, “length” represents the exact length of this individual assembled fixture.
    • Driver type and delivery option are not shown in the SKU because they are shown elsewhere on the quote.
    • The SKU description shows additional information including the wattage of the individual length of light described. In this case, 14.8 watts.
  • The end portion (“AE-BE-89167”) is an internal code specifying the style, length, and color of the wire entry and exit. The description below the SKU on the quote will spell out all the details. In this example case: “Entry A (End) - White 96in Bare Wire (20AWG), Entry B (End) - White 36in Bare Wire (20AWG)”

Budgetary Product Codes

We provide budgetary product codes to make budgetary discussions easy, fast, and flexible.

Budgetary quotes make conservative assumptions and include accessories such as mounting materials. They omit details such as lead wire lengths and colors. Drivers are quoted on a unit basis and listed are as separate line items.


[Diode LED] - [Voltage] - [Product] - [CCT] - [Length] - [Channel Profile] - [Lens] - [Mounting Option]


  • “XXXX” is a standard placeholder that indicates the SKU is budgetary
  • Typically budgetary quotes are converted to complete Bills of Material before a purchase order is placed.