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LINAIRE® Flex Linear Light

LINAIRE® Flex Mini 3D Bend

Small, flexible architectural light that bends in both top and side directions to fit any space. Water resistant with precision light quality and full diffusion for a dotless look. Place long runs of linear light anywhere – including wet locations – with this versatile, elegant linear light.

Standard color temperatures (CCTs) from 2400K to 4000K, and light output up to 80+ lumens per foot.

Shipping June 2024

Bends in both directions (top and side) for maximum versatility
Detail, accent, facade, and direct view lighting
Water resistant and UV stabilized for outdoor use
Factory assembly (IP67) or field assembly (IP65)
5 year warranty
MakeVoltageModelCCTRun LengthWire EntryMountingDriver


2400[run length]StraightMTCH (Mounting Channel)

ELV (Electronic)

270032 (32 ft spool)


SPINE (Spine Channel)

0-10V (0-10 Volt)

3000BottomMTCL (U-Clips)



3M (Adhesive)

MLV (Magnetic)



SWX (SwitchEx)

Learn about our product codes and about voltage drop

Mounting Options

Mount LINAIRE Flex Mini 3D Bend with one of three mounting methods for clean, professional, permanent installation:

  • Straight channel, for straight runs of light that are held firmly in place. This channel can be cut to length in the field
  • Spine channel, for keeping the light in the position you need it. This channel bends up/down, side to side, or both. It can be cut to length in the field
  • Mounting clips

Trim and cap LINAIRE Flex Mini 3D Bend in the field:

  • End caps, for keeping the fixture waterproof

Mounting channel, for straight runs
DI-LIN-M3D-MTCH-39 [39" piece, aluminum]

Spine channel, for holding the light in place in bending configurations (both up/down and side to side)
DI-LIN-M3D-SPINE-39 [39" piece, white]

Mounting clip
DI-LIN-M3D-MTCL-2 [2-pack, white]

Factory Assembly
Wire Entry Options

Select from three factory-built wire entry options:

  • Straight wire entry is ideal for standard applications
  • Side wire entry enables seamless end-to-end contact between multiple runs, minimizing any visible break in light and avoiding spce between fixtures due to wires
  • Bottom wire entry is useful when directing wires into conduit or otherwise concealing every visible element except the light itself

Straight wire entry

Side wire entry

Bottom wire entry

Field Assembly
Wire Entry Options
& Components

LINAIRE Flex Mini 3D Bend runs are factory-assembled only, but can be trimmed and re-sealed in the field. When re-sealing in the field use Dead End Caps to maintain a water-resistant finish.

Spools come with an IP67 rating; when trimmed and re-capped in the field the rating becomes IP65.

Dead End Cap