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OBD™ Flex Optics

OBD™ Flex Optics
20° Narrow & Asymmetric Beam

Flexible linear lighting with on-board optics for grazing, wall washing, and accents. Suitable for wet locations (IP65) and outdoors.

Achieve professional-grade grazing and washing effects with the benefits of field cuttability. Make your fixture fit your space, not the other way around.

Standard color temperatures (CCTs) from 2700K to 4000K, and two light output options up to 700+ lumens per foot.

Narrow and Asymmetric beam angle options
Flexible and field cuttable for easy installation
IP65 for outdoor applications
5 year warranty
MakeVoltageModelCCTBeam AngleRun LengthMountingDriver
OBD4270020 (Narrow)016 (16.4 ft spool)MTCH (Mounting Channel)ELV (Electronic)
OBD63000AS (Asymmetric)RC (Rotating Clip)0-10V (0-10 Volt)
3500MC (Mounting Clips)TRIAC
4000None (3M Adhesive)MLV (Magnetic)
SWX (SwitchEx)

Learn about our product codes and about voltage drop

Grazing Example

Washing Example

Mounting Options

Mount OBD™ Flex Optics with one of several mounting methods for clean, professional, permanent installation:

  • Straight channel, for straight runs of light that are held firmly in place. This channel can be cut to length in the field
    • The optional clear lens on the channel makes cleaning the fixture easier
  • Mounting clips (flat)

Trim and cap OBD™ Flex Optics in the field:

  • End caps, for squaring off the finished fixture

Mounting channel, for straight runs
DI-OBD-3D-MTCH-39 [Channel only: 39" piece, aluminum]

Mounting channel, for straight runs
DI-OBD-3D-MTCH-CL-39 [39" piece aluminum channel, Clear lens, Rotating Aiming Brackets, End Caps]

Mounting clip
DI-OBD-MTCL-2 [2-pack]

Field Assembly

OBD™ Flex Optics runs feature soldered wire leads only and can be trimmed to length in the field. When trimming and assembling channels and lenses in the field, use End Caps to finish the fixtures.

Silicone End Cap
DI-OBD-EC-5 (5 open and 5 closed caps per pack)