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Drivers and Accessories

A concise selection of drivers and accessories to ensure compatibility and error-free installation.
Features & Benefits

NERO Advanced Control Drivers

NERO Advanced Control Drivers dim to dark on 0-10V, DMX, and DALI control systems.

Achieve complete dimming with advanced control.

Installation Guide

  • Incorporates EldoLED technology
  • Dim-to-dark and precise control with very low flicker
  • Wide compatibility with control systems
  • NEMA3R option suitable for outdoors and wet locations

OMNIDRIVE X Dimmable Driver

Versatile driver for most high-performance dimming applications

Reduce complexity with universal input voltage and multiple dimming protocols in a single driver.

  • ELV, Triac, and 0-10V dimming in a single driver

  • 110-277V universal input

  • No minimum load

  • Minimum dimming level of 0.1% / Dim to Dark (depending on dimmer)

  • UL listed and Title 24 compliant

  • 5-year warranty


Dim-to-dark for complete control

Ensure smooth, flicker-free dimming to very low levels. Compatible with a wide range of dimmers and control systems including Lutron Homeworks and its derivatives, this is the default driver for sensitive dimming applications such as high-end residential and luxury hospitality.

  • Dim-to-dark performance

  • 120VAC or 277VAC input

  • MLV dimming as standard; ELV also available (inquire)

  • Compatible with most popular control systems and dimmers

  • Made in the USA

  • 5-year warranty

SwitchEx Dimmer+Driver

A dimmer and driver combined in a single gang box

Eliminate the need for remote LED drivers, and reuse existing wiring for simple, efficient retrofits.

Installation Guide

  • Simplifies installation and reduces labor costs

  • Eliminates compatibility issues between drivers and switches

  • Dimming to 5% minimum

  • UL listed

  • 5 year warranty

Lutron Hi-Lume Drivers

For Lutron systems with digital control

Speciality Lutron drivers for systems with Lutron 3-wire control or EcoSystem Digital Control

  • Electronic Low Voltage driver

  • 110-277V universal input

  • No minimum load

  • Dims to 0.1%

  • UL listed

  • 5-year warranty

Field Connectors: Terminal Block

Robust field connector for error-free installation

When projects call for field assembly of low-voltage linear light, the Terminal Block connector allows for robust field connections without the need to solder. Built from scratch for the CELESTE™ light engine, the Terminal Block is the next best thing to a factory-finished connection.

Installation Guide

  • Fast, reliable field connections that last

  • Small form-factor for use inside channel profiles

  • Clear plastic construction does not obstruct light

  • 5-year warranty